About us


The company Silly Belgium, strong of its know-how and its years of experience in the sector of raw materials for bakeries, pastry makings, ice makers and chocolat makers, wishes to offer to its customers quality products adapted to their needs. Our small structure, our flexibility and our good adaption capabilities,
but also the automation of our production processes, allow us to ensure delivery delays that are pretty short. We always make a point of honor of using only raw materials of quality to manufacture our products, this while guaranteeing also competitive prices.


Furthermore, the rules in force in the agri-food sector regarding food quality and security (HACCP) are applied in a strict and effective manner and benefit all our customers in guaranteeing supply of first choice products. Our flexible and dynamic team is at your disposal to answer all questions you would ask over our company, our products or our services:
Sylvie Sempo : Finance and Managing Director
Alain Limbos : Managing Director
Philippe Vacca : Administration Manager



  • 2015

    In the month of May 2015, the company Silly commissions its very new photovoltaic installation which will enable to produce annualy not less than 87,000 kWh and to reduce its gas emissions for greenhouse effect thanks to a less consumption of electricity.

  • 2010

    In 2010, the company Silly moves and gets installed on its new site of Jette, at the chaussée de Dieleghem.

  • 2008

    To guarantee the extension of its activities, the company decides to buy a second production line of Hazelnut crunch which raises the total production capacity up to 8.000 kg per day (in 1 shift).

  • 2007

    The Boulevard Bockstael (Laeken) site becoming too smal and out-of-date, the company Silly becomes owner of a new production site in the municipality of Jette (1090 Brussels), with a built in surface of more than 5.000 sq. meters.

  • 2003

    Hazelnut crunch becoming more and more successful with their customers, the purchase of a production line allows the company to increase the capacity from 1.000 kg/day to more than 4.000 kg/day (in 1 shift).

  • 2002

    In order to rationalize, the company Sukro is merged into the company Silly.

  • 1999

    A buying opportunity presents itself to Sylvie and Alain who decide to take over the Antwerp's company Sukro that manufactures nougatine in different forms (round, square, rectangular or granular).

  • 1992 - 1999

    Thanks to its products and to the loyalty of its customers, the company Silly develops further and sees its turnover vary around 2 Mio. EUR.

  • 1988 - 1992

    After approximately 4 years of activity, and a turnover which has quadrupled (to reach 500.000 EUR end of 1991), the company Silly changes its legal state and becomes a Limited Company (SA) (in April 1992).

  • 1988

    Sylvie Sempo, teacher, and Alain Limbos, physical education teacher, decide to make a career break to launch into the production of hazelnut crunch and other products intended to pastry makers, chocolate makers and ice makers.
    The company Silly (short for Sylvie) is created in May 1988 (as a Cooperative Society).