The nougatine manufactured by the company Silly is based on an artisanal manufacturing process out of copper tanks where the dry fuits (roasted almonds or hazelnuts) are incorporated in caramelized sugar. The duration of cooking, the work of the paste as well as the composition of this one must be very precise in order to obtain a product of optimal color, texture and taste.

Once the paste at good temperature and with adequate viscosity, it is passed between cylinders which give him the desired form: rounds, squares or rectangles. The plates of nougatine can then be useful as crunching bottom for dresses of all kinds.

The nougatine can be also declined in the form of granules as filling of dresses.



The various types of nougatine are the following:

– Rounds 20 mm and 25 mm (cartons of 2 kg or 6 kg)

– Squares 12 mm, 20 mm and 25 mm (cartons of 2 kg or 6 kg)

The thickness of the nougatine plates is approximately 2.5 mm.

– Granulated 0-3 mm (cartons of 10 kg)