Marzipan, also called almond paste in France, is made up mainly of almonds and sugar.
However, marzipan can be distinguished from another one according to the 3 following criteria:

1) the proportion of the two main ingredients which are the almonds and sugar
For example, marzipan 33 % is composed of 33 % of almonds and 67 % of sugar. Marzipan 50 % is composed of 50 % of almonds and 50 % of sugar.
Qualities of marsipan cake produces by the company Silly are the following ones: 22 %, 30 %, 33 %, 40 % and 50 %.

2) the origin of the almonds (the USA, Spain or Portugal)
The company Silly always works with almonds bought in origin, i.e. in the countries where the almonds are cultivated and treated (sheled, blanched, packed).

3) addition or not of ingredients such as cubes of crystallized oranges, raspberry paste, pistachio paste, etc.
Specialities of marzipan, ideal to be coated in pralines can be realized: marzipan with orange, with raspberry, with pistachio or with mocha.

Various subjects, figurines and decorations in marzipan are at your disposal:

- Fruit and vegetables
- Potatoes
- Pigs



Various qualities of marzipan can be provided in following conditionings:

– Cartons of 5 kg, 10 kg or 15 kg

– Plastic buckets of 4 kg, 5 kg or 6 kg